Messages from the Directors

Thomas Cummings and Fr. Rafael Capo

  • Serving dioceses
  • Forming leaders in ministry
  • Enriching our shared faith journey

Dear Friends,

At the University of Notre Dame, we have wanted to offer theology courses in Spanish for a long time. Now, thanks to this joint project with the Southeast Pastoral Institute, it is with great pleasure that we present Camino, a program of online theological formation in Spanish. For the fathers of the Church, theology is "faith seeking understanding," and we believe that Camino is a way in which together we will deepen our understanding of the faith.

We welcome you to this community of learners, and we hope that you find in this program tools for education and training, not only for ministry, but also to enrich your daily life of faith. It is our goal to bring the resources of the academy to the heart of the Church, that is, to the people of God who seek to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in today's world.

Onward and upward!

And many blessings along the way,


Thomas Cummings, M.Div.
Director of STEP
University of Notre Dame

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

With great joy, the Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI) joins the University of Notre Dame to offer Camino, an online program of theological formation for Hispanics. SEPI has served the Hispanic community for 35 years through programs of evangelization and education, with the goal of forming leaders for active participation in the life of the Church and society. In light of the Church's call for a new evangelization, Camino aims to respond to the challenges of formation in the present moment, offering to the Hispanic community a new platform for education in the faith.

Pope Francis has called us to “the rediscovery, through means of social communication as well as by personal contact, of the beauty which is at the heart of our existence and our journey, the beauty of faith, the beauty of the encounter with Christ.” It is our hope that this program will open doors in this way, so that through theological formation you might be brought to an encounter with Christ and to growth in your faith as well as in your pastoral ministry.

As pilgrims on the Camino of Santiago in Spain greet each other along the way, we also say to you: "Buen Camino!" 

Fr. Rafael

Rev. Rafael Capó, Sch. P.
Director of SEPI
(Southeast Pastoral Institute)