Who can take Camino courses?

Anyone living in a U.S. diocese who wants to learn more about the Catholic faith and enrich their ministry, regardless of prior studies, can take Camino courses. We simply recommend that one take “El Camino de la Fe” (or an equivalent course) before taking other courses. Since space is limited, we give priority to people in affiliated dioceses.


I live in Latin America; can I participate?

At this time we do not have the capacity to serve those living outside the United States, so if you live in Latin America we recommend the online courses offered through CEBITEPAL.

How much do Camino courses cost?

For people in dioceses affiliated with Camino, SEPI or STEP at Notre Dame, each Camino course costs $50. If you do not belong to an affiliated diocese, you can still participate when space allows. Contact us to find out further details.

Do I need a computer for Camino courses?

Camino courses are offered online and the system works with desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, many cities have public libraries and community centers that have computers for public use.

Will I receive orientation to the course and the online system?

Yes! The first week of each course is an orientation week so that everyone gets comfortable with the course’s online format. Your facilitator will be available to answer your questions and offer guidance throughout the course.

How does the online course schedule work?

Since Camino courses are online, the schedule is very flexible. Each week of the course concentrates on one unit and you can complete the readings and homework assignments from anywhere, whenever you wish. The only fixed item on the agenda is the weekly chat session, and its timing varies depending on the group of participants (usually chats take place in the evening). There are always two scheduled options for joining the chat with the facilitator and the rest of the class to discuss the topics of the week. If for some reason you cannot participate “live” during either option, you can always enter into the course at another time to add your comments to the conversation.

How much time is needed to participate each week?

Camino courses last 6-7 weeks and require about 4-6 hours each week to complete the readings and homework assignments, depending on the student and time available.

Will I receive a certificate for the course?

Participants who complete the requirements for the course will receive a certificate of completion. Camino courses are not for university credit.