Las Sagradas Escrituras

This course is available upon request by partner dioceses. Prior completion of the course "El Camino de la Fe" is recommended. For more information, contact Esther Terry.

Course Description

Holy Scripture contains the story of God's love for humanity and for all of creation. This story wasn't written only to be studied in universities; it was written so that the entire human race might know God's invitation to live in an intimate and personal relationship with Him.

This course is an introduction to the limitless treasures found in the Bible. First, we will discuss general themes about the development of the written text, inspiration, revelation, interpretation, and structure. Then we will summarize two important concepts that are fundamental in Scripture: covenant and kingdom. Next we will focus on Jesus Christ, the visible image of God, the Living Word, revealed in the Inspired Word. Finally, we will examine the central role of the Bible in the life of the Church. This course invites the participant not only to study the Bible, but also to meditate on it, to know God through it, to deepen his or her relationship with God, and to live as a disciple who shares the joy of the Word in community.

Course Content

Unit 1: The Bible - Formation, Inspiration, Revelation
Unit 2: The Bible - Structure, Interpretation, and Biblical Senses; The Old Testament - History of Origins
Unit 3: The Old Testament - Invitation to Live in Covenant
Unit 4: The Old Testament - The Covenant and the Promise of the Kingdom of God; The New Testament - More Teachings about the Kingdom of God
Unit 5: The New Testament - Jesus Christ, Complete Revelation of the Kingdom of God
Unit 6: Sacred Scripture in Our Lives

Required Texts

Course Requirements

  • Weekly reading of assigned texts and materials
  • Participation in class discussions in the forums (minimum of two comments, questions or responses each week)
  • Written assignment (between 150 and 200 words)
  • Weekly chat session (minimum 4 chats)

Time Required

  • 4 to 6 hours per week (this varies from student to student depending on learning style and available study time)

Course Certificate

  • A Certificate of Completion awarding 35 Contact Hours will be sent upon completion of all course requirements.

Meet the Developer

Ximena DeBroeck, PhD

Ximena DeBroeck

Ximena DeBroeck is Assistant Professor of Sacred Scriptures at St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore. She has also worked in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, at St. Vincent Seminary and at the University of Seton Hill, in the Diocese of Greensburg and in the Archdiocese for Military Services.

Ximena received a Master of Arts in Theology with a concentration in Sacred Scriptures from St. Vincent Seminary and a doctorate in Systematic Theology from Duquesne University. Her research has focused on the biblical theology of discipleship, sacraments, and sacrifice. She is the author of the study guide for the book Forming Intentional Disciples, by Sherry Weddell, as well as various articles on sacramental formation. 

Course development made possible through a generous grant by the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.